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We now offer a broadcast quality live cut from four HD good lens cameras. This will stream to thousands of facebook followers, and offers true interaction with your audience for realtime worldwide questions as they watch your shows and pass them to others on the internet.


A fantastic memory of your show, a good live embed on your website, and an HD cut plugged into your client's TV sets, with no post production costs for this type of service.


LSU Film Premiere day 4, featuring directors of project and stage interview Live from Ealing Town Hall on 1st October 2017


A Live Edit shoot, downstairs at The Courtyard Theatre, July 2016



Streaming removes the traditional costs of distribution of your video & allows you own it online in a private form. Together with Prolific TV's Live Edit it removes all post production time from the process, allowing your performers an immediate copy of the event to their own phones, tablets, computers and televisions.