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2018 Newton Prize London - Evening

3rd Dec 2018

2018 Newton Prize London - Afternoon

3rd Dec 2018

Polonia SideOut v Wessex, Volleyball England Super League, St Benedicts School Ealing

24th Nov 2018

Polonia SideOut v Sheffield Hallam, Volleyball England Super League, St Benedicts School Ealing

4th Nov 2018

Polonia SideOut v Birmingham cup, Volleyball England Super League, St Benedicts School Ealing

3rd Nov 2018

Polonia SideOut v Onyx. National cup round 2, St Benedicts School Ealing

8th October 2018

Deadline Day, Fulham, 4 camera, interactive with audience, analysis of football news as it came in

9th August 2018

London Sharad Utazav football, Arbour Park, (short clip with commentary)

22nd July 2018

A Summer's Evening Serenade, Merley House (3 track example)

17th June 2018

Wandsworth Council all day stream (2 min example)

16th May 2018

London Dynamo live shot promotion for clothing range

7th May 2018

Bangla Music Festival (single track example)

28th April 2018

Second instalment Soapbox Live, Soapbox, Old Street

7th March 2018

Lean on Us, Providence House

23th Feb 2018

NYJC and Hackney Youth Jazz, Vortex Club

20th Jan 2018

End of Year celebration, Caius House

15th Dec 2017

Rewind to the 90's (single track example)

11th Nov 2017

Concern for Mental Health, Halloween Ball, The Montcalm Hotel

4th November 2017

LSU Film Premiere, Day 4 at Ealing Town Hall

1st October 2017

London Sharad Utsav Day 2 at Ealing Town Hall

29th September 2017

London Sharad Utsav Day 1 at Ealing Town Hall

28th September 2017

SACF's Lalit Mohan Joshi interviews Govind Nihalani

13th August 2017

Joseph Calleja live with guests at the V&A

8th June 2017

Giskin Day, Gratitude in Healthcare and its Lessons for Education

8th June 2017

The Art of Being Civic, Tate Exchange, Friday 7th May 2017

7th May 2017

Anna Ponomareva, “Know Thyself”- from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi to the Pages of Petersburg

11th May 2017

Greg Artus, Morality and Machines: building human values into future artificial intelligence

23rd February 2017

Anna Nyburg, Textile in Exile of Harris Tweed Hungarians and Haemoglobin

23rd February 2017

Sheila Lecoeur, Collaboration and Retribution in World War II

12th January 2017

Phoenix Session V

7th October 2016